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With over 20 year’s experience in the industry, Millennium Printers and Packaging has established itself as a leading national service provider, supplying a large clientele with superior quality prints, retail solutions, branding and stationery.

Litho Printing Food Packaging Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Packaging Point Of Sale Promotional And Corporate Gifting Large Format Digital Printing
Litho Printing Food Packaging Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Packaging Point Of Sale Promotional And Corporate Gifting Large Format Digital Printing

The Art & Science of Printing

We strike the perfect balance between art and science in printing. Our color imagery offers unsurpassed aesthetics, while high-tech methods and processes deliver high-impact products. Our talented team and top-notch equipment fuse these elements to bring you exceptional results.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Level 1 BEE status
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Services You Can Trust

Litho Printing

We offer cost-effective manufacturing of litho printing, producing high volumes of premium quality prints at an optimal rate. This means that our clients can trust us to produce work of a professional standard within relatively tight deadlines.

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Food Packaging

Be part of promoting environmentally friendly practices through packaging. We conceptualise according to your speciic needs and requirements, using quality, attractive and colourful unique packaging.

We specialise in packaging for the following Market Segments

Point of Sale

We specialize in producing a wide range of in-store promotional materials that effectively attract customer attention and drive sales.

By leveraging high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology, we produce durable and vibrant promotional tools that maintain their appeal and effectiveness over time.

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging

We specialise in producing a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging. By utilizing advanced printing technologies and premium materials, we produce durable and visually appealing packaging that maintains its integrity and attractiveness over time.

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Promotional and Corporate Gifting

We create changeable marketing tools or products branded with your logo or slogan for use in marketing and communication programmes. For every day promo essentials to latest technology we can create the perfect gift or promotional item, no matter the budget or occasion.

Promotional Printing

Large Format Digital Printing

Millennium Printers & Packaging offers the latest in print technology, allowing you to request any amount of prints - be it 1000 or more flyers or just one canvas print. Coupled with the finest equipment and highly trained individuals who know how to handle printing machinery in expert fashion, and have a winning formula for quality that will leave your competitor in admiration of your business’ corporate identity and print elements.

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